Educational Videos & How to Videos

There are unlimited ways you can go about sharing your expertise with educational videos! Everything from you recording yourself on camera or doing a voice over with illustrative visuals to accompany your audio.  You can teach people through a fun narrative or a documentary style video.

4 Reasons Why You Should Make Educational Videos to Get More Customers

  1. You get more customers coming to you when  you produce educational videos and viewers can see your expertise in your product or service. Creating educational videos is your opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise to a wide audience
  2. You can make money just by having your videos at Youtube by monetizing them and getting hits
  3. They are fun to make and once you do you will start getting so many more ideas how to creatively market your business
  4. Good Karma! Its a nice thing to do!  Sharing what you know with others who are seeking information about things you can tell them is generally very appreciated.

At See Spot Run we always work with our clients to figure out their comfort zone when it comes to being on the camera and from there we come up with all kinds of ways to create engaging and popular youtube videos.

Youtube is the second largest search engine and just having your videos online at youtube can be enough to get found 100’s even thousands of times but if you want to go for maximum reach we can do that  through a strategic marketing plan that will help other find you so easily.

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