CREATIVE Marketing Works

"The good news is all this social is really working. The bad news is I am just too busy" - Dr. Stephen Lemon

What we quickly learned about Oncology Associates is, they are loved and admired by their patients and patients’ families. They are a highly respected cancer treatment center in Omaha that provides exceptional treatments & care.  They also have clinics in remote areas that they serve on a regular basis.  One location requires they take a Cessna to get there. These are the qualities that set them apart and the inspiration and drive behind the marketing.

Outshine Everyone

Oncology Associates P.C.

OA is an example of a comprehensive and cohesive marketing plan that paid off even beyond our imaginations.  Brand Management, Video Production, Website Design,  Engaging Content Development, SEO, Print Advertising, Social Media more..

Social Media

Last Day of Chemo!  Cancer Survivor Stories Everyday. The lighter side of cancer. The themes that some of our social media campaign at OA cancer took on.  There videos, website and facebook page are popular because OA provides patients  a supportive,  positive  and informative forum to share, celebrate and learn.


The Result 

We have been working with Oncology Associates for over 5 years and have increasingly seen a  rise in website visitors, conversions,  popularity, referrals and more patients.  They have a very robust presence on the web that is clearly branded and attracts attention. They are found consistently on the first page of Google searches with a vast array of key words. They have a strong social media following that grows everyday. OA’s reputation of personalized cancer care with expertise and compassion is a clear and consistent message received by their audience. They also have an extensive library of valuable video content  that is shared by hospitals, doctors and patients across the nation.

Professional Physician Profile

We will stay on top of professional image.Whether you need your review and referral sites managed, a personal website for professional interest outside your practice, and management of your social network profiles.

There is often the need for medical professionals to brand and promote themselves outside their practice. We will clean up, organize and brand all your professional and industry internet media that is out on the web.  That means an up-to-date LinkIn profile, your recent photo and correct information at industry sites, and online review sites reputation management.

Main Objectives

  • A small Oncology practice in Omaha wanted to brand and develop their online presence.
  • To develop an identity that accurately represents their philosophy that every patient is treated like family.
  • To show them as experts in the field offering the newest treatments in oncology and hematology.
  • To make the tough subject of cancer easier to talk about.

Creative Marketing & Video


Oncology Associates Branding Campaign & Video

We developed the idea of Cancer Survivor Stories Every Day and collected content to support that message. Every year we would interview Cancer Patients and Survivors and edit the interviews into compelling stories that provided inspiration and support on social media networks.

Cancer Survivor Story: Keisha

The Lighter Side of Cancer

Below we crossed the difficult subject of cancer with a bit of levity. The sole intention of this video was to have fun with the patients and staff  and bring out the lighter side of cancer. You can go far with empathy.

Sharing knowledge

Another reason the practice stood out on the web and often soared past their largest competitors was OA cancer education project Medical Minutes. We write educational scripts on the most recent cancer related topics about common treatments and new drugs. These videos are shared at the website, on youtube and social media.

This education video has over 75K hits on Youtube alone.