Send Better Email, Lets Automate Your Marketing

Managed E-Mail Campaigns

Build Your Brand

The powerful tools of e-mail programs like Mailchimp
The knowledge to see how your advertising is working and the ability to grow your business in any unique way that fits your wishes and needs.

Contact List

The First Step

Capturing contact information at your site, that gets directly funneled into your email software, like Mailchimp, gives you the opportunity to get one time visitors to come back again! By putting a form on your site that engages visitors to leave their contact info you will automatically be building your very targeted contact list.   Using this list to connect with your customers and potential customers on a regular basis means increased opportunity for repeat visits to your website and more business!

Look and Functionality

Send Better E-mails

Your e-mail campaigns will represent your brand and look good and be well organized.  They will also have plenty of links that will take recipients to pages on your website for a product or service you are selling.  It is direct, targeted and cost nothing to hit send!


Your Email Program

Making Good Use of Those Generated Leads

Once your contact list is built up you will have a very valuable list of leads that we can help you convert to customers.  We do that by creating well developed and branded email campaigns on topics that will interest folks on your contact list.  New Products, New Locations, Upcoming Events, New and Engaging News that is relevant to you and your following.


Tracking Results

Email marketing allows us to track how many people opened your email blast and see what links they clicked on.  We will review how well your email campaigns are working,  what elements are working best and what elements we need to modify so we can get the optimal performance from future email campaigns. Email newsletter campaigns is a great way to communicate with your existing audience and obtain very valuable marketing info.