5 Reasons to NOT build your own website

You will Not Enjoy the Experience and Either Will Your Website Visitors

Freedom. Independence. Perceived savings. It looks fun. These are understandable reasons to want to go it alone. However, the very real possibility exists that you will spend a lot of time and a chunk of change to ultimately end up with a website that looks and functions like an inexperienced person created it.  An inexperienced impression is,  probably,  not the look and feel you want your most valuable marketing asset to project. 
Experience tells us that if you Do Not have a passion for web design,  just skip doing it yourself. Odds are you will spend an enormous amount hours, weeks, and potentially months feeling frustrated with inevitable design and technical challenges that will bring your web design venture to a screeching halt. If you want your web presence to produce results not stress talk to us first.

Even if you use drag and drop templates from sites like Square Space and Wix the learning curve is steep plus these DYI services, will not provide everything you absolutely need to for a website that is effective.

An effective website requires many components that require specific knowledge, creativity, technical expertise and lots of time to do it rightHere are some fundamentals you should answer before you decide you want to embark on a Square Space, website making adventure.

  • “How will you create a site that looks professionally designed and enticing?”  Do you know how to use Adobe creative software? Creative software programs like Photoshop are important tools when it comes to creating visuals for your website that match your vision.
  • “How will you organize content so your visitors are engaged with your site?”  What’s the point of a website if visitors leave, as soon as, they arrive.  Have a plan for usability and execute it, otherwise your visitors will get what they need from your competitors, who probably have professionally designed websites.
  • “How will Google know you exist?”  Answer, you need a content marketing plan. If Google cannot find you how will anyone else? :(
  • “How will you  generate traffic and capture leads”.  A website alone is not enough to get visitors.  Do you have a plan for getting people to your website and gathering their info?  If you don’t have a plan you just spent money and a ton of time creating a website that, might as well, live in outer space!

There are professionals who have a passion for web development

When you combine expertise, experience and passion you will get a professional website that reflects your brand, grows your business, engages your visitors, and gets your business more and better leads.  There are 2 components to web presence development. The big picture and the elements it takes to get your there. A well thought out, professionally created, fully branded web presence sets the foundation for a very productive and fruitful internet marketing experience.

Your competitors

Your competitors have professional websites because they know the single most important marketing investment they can make is in their web presence. Web presence is important because that is where the majority of human beings go to learn about products and services they want.  The web is where people go to determine who they will give their business to.

For the Sake of Results!

Like we say if web design and internet marketing are not your passions let the experts take care of it. Easy! Now  you can focus on running your business.  When you get your website designed and web presence set up by experienced web professionals you can look forward to results ie; a healthy return on your investment, increased traffic to your website, a site that generates qualified leads, a web presence that rivals your competitors’. You will also have piece of mind that you are taking advantage of the most valuable marketing resource for small business, the internet.

Find a web development company with a proven track record, transparent costs, friendly service and a team of passionate creatives and technical geeks.  Like us!

See Spot Run is  an independent, local website design and marketing company.  Our processes and costs are transparent, our love for what we do and who we help drives us to do our very best for our costumers. We are  helpful, responsive and would love to hear about your business.

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