so the Internet is Working for YOU!


Do not spend time and money on internet marketing before you look at the whole picture.

Everyone has experienced a project gone awry because there was no plan. No set up.  Too many chefs in the kitchen.  Its like putting IKEA furniture together with no directions and assembling a piece of furniture before laying out , in an organized and accountable fashion all the project’s elements and parts. 

Just like any project, building a strong web presence requires materialstools and a plan!


THE BASICS – This is the roadmap to building BIG WEB PRESENCE.

MATERIALS – What materials do you need to build a strong web presence? 

  • For starters you want to understand  the look, feel and tone of your brand.  You will also have to spend some time to develop a creative way to  accurately reflect your brand on the web so your online audience can find you and will want to become your next customers.
  • You will need to have written content for your website. Focus first on your “homepage”content,  your “about page”content your “services page” and “contact page” content. 
  • Photographs!  You need photos, for your website and your social media. Good photographs rule over poor quality, badly composed shots. Aim for original, professional photographs over the abundantly obvious stock photos. Think deeply about how the photographs you choose for your online presence truly reflect your brand.  Photographs tell a story, photographs represent you. Choose wisely and be consistent.
  • You also need a domain name, email address and business cards with all your contact info including your website address.
  • Customer testimonials. Cannot recommend them enough. When people love you they will want to tell others, so be sure to ask your happy customers to share some kind words. Words that you can sprinkle throughout the web ie; Facebook, Your Website and Google Reviews
  • You must have a logo

These elements will get you off to a good start.

TOOLS – For internet marketing to be successful you need these tools 

  • An up-to-date, responsive website
  • To get people to the website you need branded social media. Facebook, Instagram and LinkIN are the first three you should consider claiming and branding.  Social media is how you reach out to you target market and bring them back to your website. 
  • A form at your website with a “call to action”
  • A Mailchimp account to reach out to regular customers and people you know are interested in updates about your products and services. Your website form will funnel data collected from visitors to a Mailchimp email list.  This email list is VALUABLE.
  • And of course a branded Youtube Channel for the video materials you will gather later.

PLAN – Now what do you do with these new resources that have been created for your internet marketing?  You need an internet marketing plan! Your plan should clearly spell out your goals. Your plan should contain strategies all conceptualized around achieving those goals! 

The internet is vast with countless ways to reach your audience.  Your internet marketing plan needs to be focused, scheduled and super creative! Here are some key elements the plan should spell out.

  • A social media calendar with creative campaigns that will engage your audience and  drive traffic to your website.
  • A content marketing strategy that will keep your website fresh and better and stronger then your competition’s website.
  • An email marketing plan to take advantage of the customer data you collect on the internet, through networking and via referrals
  • A basic creative brief, timeline and strategy for web video.

The BIG WEB PRESENCE package is specifically designed to set you up for Internet Marketing Success.  If you want the web, the single most efficient and affordable way to get more customers and grow your business, working for you 24/7 you got to get it right from the start.  We can help you! Contact us about the BIG WEB PRESENCE package. (206) 478-9074