Web Presence – Our Client on Redfin

Your Presence on the web is is not just about your website.

Be alert for opportunities that arise from companies, websites, or press talking about your company or sector.  Don’t ignore it when when you are contacted for comments.

See how Ballard Backyard Cottages answered the call when Redfin contacted them for a story and happily they did not pass it by.

Tip:  Be notified when you are mentioned on the internet by setting up an ongoing search on Google Alerts. Once set up you will receive an email when your company is mentioned on the web.

The Return on Your DADU investment

Attached Accessory Dwellings or ADUs is an exploding industry. If homeowners have the motivation and time, money, and space to build onto their existing lot, they will do it.

For many homeowners a ADU means passive income. The recent trend of backyard cottage development is partly due to the introduction of DADUs, essentially, an  ADU that is not attached to the main house.

See the entire article at Redfin, the online real estate company.