The Journey Begins with an Idea

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How You Get Successful Results

A winning approach to content marketing requires creative, engaging, popular content that engages your target audience. 

Big Web Video Results

Number of combined views on just Facebook and Youtube alone.

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Organic Search + Reviews

Our content marketing program aimed to get more positive reviews and increased page ranking.

“I was referred to you guys by John from JT Plumbing. He said you are great to work with and helped him out a lot. I really need some help with by business on the web. John says he gets 95% of his business from the internet marketing you’ve done for his company”

— Daniel C. Owner at PenMech

Transforming Your Brand

Branding adds value, motivates employees, and draws more customers
Old Tombo Website

Outdated, not responsive, broken, no call to action, no emotion

New Tombo Website

Responsive, targeted, engaging,  interactive

The Making of a Brand

Tombo wanted to update their brand & attract higher end customers.  So we focused on who they are not just what they do.  

Lots of Contractors are “Design Build” but few “Build Lifestyles”

Consumers perception depends on how well you tell your story. The internet provides every opportunity a company needs to tell their story and get it heard by any audience they want to target.

Taglines, Marketing Campaigns, Design, Language, Look & Feel. We provide what you need for sucessful marketing to the audience you intend to speak to.

“I wanted to let you know about the great feedback we are getting about  Tombo’s new website.  We got a call the other day from somebody who said he researched dozens of contractor websites and he chose to give us a call because he was really moved by the images and the family stories.  He is now a Tombo client! Thank you for all the great ideas! We really appreciate all the new business that is coming to us from the web”

— Chris E. – Tombo Construction