“Overlake is a Team” 
“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!” – an excited client

2.2K views in 2 days on Facebook.

The goal

With a 2 day turn around , to create a  winning 15 secondish video that showed the enthusiasm and dedication of the oncology staff at Overlake. The video would compete with other departments. We WON! uh hmmm. Ok, how fierce was the competition? Actually, not fierce at all. However, the main goal was to have fun and to produce a video that would be an uplifting and engaging social media post.

How we do it

First we developed a concept. Not exactly in this order but here are the key elements

  • Music Video.

  • Handwritten Words on Posterboard.

  • Dance Moves.

  • Upbeat, positive message

  • 15 seconds. Keep it simple.

  • Shoot on location and staff would be the talent.

Not a ton of planning went into this video because time and resources were limited but it worked.

Building on ideas

Because we started off with a solid concept it was easy for more ideas to reveal themselves as the production process unfolded. For this video we needed something to tell a story. So during the shoot we decided Dr. Lemon should cross the crosswalk into work with all the poster boards that would be used as the primary props in the video. It’s a simple concept but it does set up a little story in the first 2 shots of the video.  It’s actually a true story as the original idea came from non other then Dr. Lemon.

Who was in it?

Employees! The best talent for any organization is the staff. People love being in videos but sometimes folks are reluctant especially if they just had a really full day at work.  We know when we shoot we have to be the party throwers spreading enthusiasm and lightness to make the experience fun and welcoming.

Where’d we shoot?

Shooting on location especially a busy hospital can be tricky.  All I can say is flexibility saves the day. When you start with a strong, mutually agreed upon concept flexibility comes easy. Unless the ego makes it one.

How did we shoot

We shot with iphones. Originally we went in with a fancy camera but ultimately using lights on this location, at that time, was not plausible. Fancy cameras need lights iPhontes generally don’t for a relatively good image.

Spontaneous dolly shot inspired by a vacant, adjustable, rolling chair that was screaming out “I can be useful”


The magic is in the editing.  If you know how to use editing software like Adobe Premiere a project like this is pure fun.  We tried out a few music tracks from Pond5 ( you can download a watermarked version of any song to test it out before you purchase) After we decided on the song we began slicing the shots together. Effects like sped up motion and slo mo can come in handy on these on the fly videos.