Online Network

the CancerIS Network


Kickstart the CancerIS app and website, an online community for finding and sharing cancer-related information.

The CancerIS responsive website look and feel was designed to provide some enlightenment and a positive inspiration focusing on new cancer research, stories of survivorship, hope, and build community.We aim to have visitors feel hopeful when looking through the site.

The website also allows people to upload their cancer story.  After the development of the website, we wanted to make the CancerIS experience more convenient for users, from searching for information to sharing stories, so we developed the CancerIS app, where users could find information on cancer, gathered throughout the web, in one place.

Creative Marketing & Video

We also mapped out a Social Media strategy. CancerIS has an ever-growing population of fans on Facebook through the social media plan we developed, which includes creating and posting relevant cancer content in a consistent matter and taking advantage of Facebook’s advertising options.

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We also engaged in print campaigns by offering sponsorship to support other causes.