Classic Storytelling

The Art Filmmaking 

"Sometimes a little fiction and metaphor can tell your story better then reality can." 


A Scene from "The Furry" A short film created by us. Why?  Well we just love making movies in our spare time.  We're showcasing a scene here because it shows off some of our fancier production and editing techniques.

At See Spot we are classicly trained filmmakers who understand the technical magic of cinema. From scriptwriting to storyboarding to shooting to editing with See Spot you can tell your story like the movies we see in the theaters.  We love making music videos, training videos, interviews and documentary style videos but we can go beyond that and turn your video into a cinematic experience. Sometimes your message can best be told through a narrative live action script. 

We are such connaisseurs of the short film genre that we started our own film festival, Tumbleweed Film Festival.