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Ballard Backyard Cottage Builder of Tiny Homes in Seattle

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The online presence we crafted for a newly established small construction contracting business has seen remarkable growth, experiencing exponential success directly attributable to the website we designed and the web presence we continue to develop.

ClientBallard BackYard Cottage
SkillsDesign, SEO, Branding, Content Marketing, Photography, and Video

The Online Marketing Project for

a New Construction Company

See Spot Run Media, a digital marketing agency, worked its magic on a new construction company’s online presence. We built a website with the ability to expand as the business grew. With a strategic blend of SEO, engaging content, and social media marketing, the company witnessed astonishing growth, skyrocketing by 300% in just two short years. 

How We Support BBC's Online Presence

With our expertise in the following services


Social Media




Tech Integration

Web Design