Send Better Email, Lets Automate Your Marketing

Target & Capture Leads

Contact List

The First Step

Are you managing the contact information of your patients, customers, website generated leads and referrals?  A segmented email list of  your contacts is the single most important first step to take if you are going to grow your business through marketing. 

Look and Functionality

Send Better E-mails

Your e-mail campaigns will represent your brand and look good and be well organized.  They will also have plenty of links that will take recipients to pages on your website for a product or service you are selling.  It is direct, targeted and cost nothing to hit send!


Your Email Program

Has many vital functions

An E-Mail program is a powerful tool that goes beyond blasting your contacts just to have your blast show up in a spam folder.  We will implement tools at your website so leads are easily captured and data is automatically segmented, into your database,  for targeted marketing. 


Tracking Results

Email marketing allows us to track how many people opened your email blast and see what links they clicked on.  We will review how well your email campaigns are working,  what elements are working best and what elements we need to modify so we can get the optimal performance from future email campaigns. Email newsletter campaigns is a great way to communicate with your existing audience and obtain very valuable marketing info.