A Garden for Everyone!

Seattle Children's PlayGarden

Raising Money

Our Job was to get to the core of the purpose of PlayGarden and move potential donors to action.

We help Seattle Children’s PlayGarden build awareness of their cause and raise money through video production, social media, and web development strategy.

Focus on Video – Seattle Children’s PlayGarden is a beautiful lush playground equipped with features, toys and activities that cater to children with disabilities and their non disabled siblings and friends.  We wanted to get to the core of matter so we went straight to the kids to tell us why the PlayGarden was so important to them.

The True Story  resulted in a major increase of funding!

Crowdfunding – Playgarden engaged in an online fundraising event. The videos we produced for them played a major role in the campaign.  

The aspects of the Playgarden Indiegogo campaign we assisted with were

  • Drafting and Organizing the written content
  • Organizing YouTube Channel to make their videos more accesible 
  • Modified website to place focus on the fundraising campaign
  • Photgraphy
  • Incentive concepts to encourage donations
  • Consulting on best social media practices
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We Get Involved in Meaningful Ways 100%

Working with our clients is an evolving process.  We will give you 100% of our unique way of thinking and energy to making sure great ideas are developed and carried out!

For Example

When we learned that acclaimed writer, Sherman Alexi, who has a personal connection to the PlayGarden had written a poem about their magical community  we saw an additional opportunity to get the word out. We worked with Sherman to recite and record his poem and used extra footage from our day of shooting to produce a second video that was distributed throughout social media, on their websites and is used for fundraising and boosting awareness.

A long and committed relationship

When we first began our relationship with PlayGarden, in 2010, we made their very first video for their annual luncheon fundraiser.  Over the years the story has grown.