Enterprise Success Story

Oncology Associates' Story Can Be Yours.

The Problem: Oncology Associates had several big internet marketing challenges to overcome. 

Challenge 1
More Market Share

Challenge 2
Better Social Engagement

Challenge 3
Improve User Experience

Challenge 4
Return on Investment

We met the challenges with with our Content Marketing services

Content marketing is a highly effective way to create organic growth from the internet.  In the case of OA it increased brand awareness, which lead to a greater share of the consumer market. OA’s web presence quickly became a top competitor on the web by reaching more patients in their target market, in Omaha and throughout Nebraska & Iowa. OA’s unique, engaging and shareable content made this reach possible. We were also able to demonstrate a healthy return on their investment.

Content Marketing 101

4 key components responsible for OA's success on the Internet

Digital Content

See Spot produces a library of creative high quality content, every month.

Social Networks

We establish OA’s presence on all popular networks and directories


We share meaningful & engaging content at OA’s networks


All content is associated with “A Call to Action” to capture leads

Examples of OA content 

Social Media campaigns became the heart of  OA’s online patient engagement. By engagement we mean increased traffic to their website, and a lot of social media love in the form of Views, Likes, Shares, Comments, & Referrals. Through content we communicate to OA’s online audience. Their meaningful and relevant  content engages their target audience and helps them get found above their competitors, on Google, for sought after keywords.

Video accounts for one third of OA's digital content

One full day of video production can yield up to a years worth of video content for company’s to share on social media, their blog, website, through newsletters and more.

Patient Education

Live Action

Music Video

Side Effect Information

Content Example 1
Fun videos with patients

Facebook 7.8K Views

Content Example 2

Facebook 122 Likes

Content Example 3

Facebook 218 Likes  Video Views 12K

We compared how well OA fairs on Facebook vs the Competition

OA's much higher Engagement is directly related to the quality of their content.

OA's video content is published on their YouTube Channel

OA vs their top competitors Nebraska Methodist Health & Nebraska Cancer Care Specialist at YouTube.

Team Building

Patient Engagement

Cancer Treatment Education

Patient Stories

OA's Newsletters and Email Blasts

Performance well above industry average. Genuine content gets seen.

The Internet is A Competitive Arena

Stay Ahead of the Pack