Search Engines & Social


Setting up, implementing and managing your online advertising campaigns to make sure you are getting the best intended outcomes.  It takes some planning and strategy and we go behind the scenes to make sure your online advertising is tactical.

Strategy for Online Ads

Do it right and you will see the benefits

The research you do ahead of purchasing your online ads is crucial to a successful ad campaign.  You don’t want people clicking on your ad  only to find out you don’t really provide the service they are looking for. Clicks are valuable so knowing what words people will search to find you is a big part of strategy. We will identify the optimal search terms for strong and effective ad campaigns


Google & Bing Ads

We have experience with these let us help

These Ads provide detailed measuring tools to track Advertising progress and give total control over your daily budget. In addition there are detailed targeting options that can be determined ahead time so your ads are showing up in front of the right eyes. In addition we can target people who already have an interest so there is a greater chance of ads bringing in leads that turn into a sales.


What works for depends on what kind of customer you want, what you are providing and incentives you might want to offer. Our planning and keyword research will determine:

  • Where is best place to advertise: Facebook, Google, Instagram
  • What timing will reach your target audience
  • Who is already interested in what you are providing 
  • How the content of your ad will attract attention and move people to action



Using the resources of social media sites to advertise your business is an advertising strategy that works and has many benefits. We can take advantage of the detailed demographics that social media sites gather and target people who we already now will be interested in what you have to offer.  And like other digital advertising you control the daily amount you spend.