Thinking About Adding Video to Your Online Presence?

We Can Help You Like We Help Salmon Bay Community Lending.

Salmon Bay Lending Dives into Video Marketing! Why?

  • To broaden their online market share with the most sought after type of digital media.
  • Because video is the most powerful way to tell Salmon Bay Community Lending’s  unique backstory.
  • To educate their consumers. Video is the most prolific way to reach & teach their market.
  • To get found and stand out amongst their online competition.
  • To reach their ideal client


Organice Traffic

Up 32% 

Avg Time Spent at Site

Up 149% 

Page Views

Up 46% 

The Challenges

To build Salmon Bay Community Lending’s brand awareness through a web presence that included an updated website, social media marketing and online videos that promote their services and educates their consumers.

Solution #1

Replace SBCL  website with an updated, responsive, freshly branded website with new updated content, fresh design and photography.  The new website is fully optimized to host video and generate more traffic through search engines. Other important components include social media integration,  intuitive navigation. All our websites are powered by Wordpress with a user friendly backend blog!


Solution #2

We examined which social media, directories and other internet assets would be most beneficial to Salmon Bay’s marketing and claimed and branded them.  These directories and social media platforms will be the distribution centers for all their digital marketing and media. A consistent look and feel, across platforms, results in Increased Brand Awareness.

Solution #3

Content!  Video is the root to the marketing we do with Salmon Bay.  Shoots are scheduled 1 or 2 times a year and produce 6 to 12 months of video content. Our first package of videos we produced for SBCL were educational videos our most recent 2 day shoot focused on customer and colleague testimonials and company overview videos.  Each testimonial will be edited to compelling stories that will promote the extraordinary service Clients receive from SBCL.

Salmon Bay’s Growing Video Library

Mortgage Education

A Great Experience

The Salmon Bay 2 day shoot was Productive & Fun!

Plus we collected enough video footage for over year’s worth of content.

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