New Content Every Month

A website that works needs to be updated

At See Spot we build Web Presence because a website alone will not deliver the results you need! Web Presence needs to be fed fresh, engaging and relevant content on a consistent basis, to attract an audience. We keep your web presence healthy by delivering fresh content, monthly, to your internet marketing channels.


We write blog content that is specific to your goals and gives your audience a reason to visit your website.  A blog is one of the most powerful assets in your web presence.

Social Media

You must go out and be social if you want to bring people back to your house. Monthly social media subscriptions will drive more traffic to your internet home, Your Website.

New Website Pages

As your business evolves so should the information you have on your website.  Monthly marketing subscriptions continually syncs your online world with your real world! 


Reviews are marketing gold! Subscription packages can include helping you get more great customer testimonials and publishing them to your website for visitors to see.