New Business

We love talking to people who are starting a new business.  It is a topic we can relate too and the experience we have in helping launch many small businesses is something that we bring to every one of our clients embarking in the world of entrepruneurship.  There are many common concerns all small business […]


WE WORK WITH PEOPLE AND COMPANIES WE BELIEVE IN! Strategy begins with a good idea. Bring us your vision, tell us your aspirations and together we will create a one-of-a-kind marketing plan.   We pour our unique brand of creativity and competitive spirit into every strategy and company we support. [su_custom_gallery source=”media: 6214,6239″ width=”440″ height=”130″ title=”never”] WHAT […]

Sneak Preview

Your Customer’s Experience This video is popular!  Dr. Summers’ clients love it because it explains the experience a client will have when they enter her office for testing and evaluation.  Dr. Summers knows very clearly her clients needs and concerns.  This video addresses those concerns and it has been very effective in building her web […]


What You Mean to Others   When people love what you offer they want to talk about it. Use video to let your customers introduce you  to others.  
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