Ode to the PlayGarden

Writer, Poet and Filmmaker Sherman Alexie is a huge advocate for the PlayGarden. He wrote a poem about the Non-Profit organization that develops and oversees the wonderful garden and camp for special needs children and  their friends.  From a special reading of his poem by Sherman, we created a video that captures the essence of […]

Sneak Preview

Your Customer’s Experience This video is popular!  Dr. Summers’ clients love it because it explains the experience a client will have when they enter her office for testing and evaluation.  Dr. Summers knows very clearly her clients needs and concerns.  This video addresses those concerns and it has been very effective in building her web […]


What You Mean to Others   When people love what you offer they want to talk about it. Use video to let your customers introduce you  to others.  

Big Ideas

Transforming Ideas into Reality CancerIS is a foundation designed to create online, interactive community focused around cancer awareness.  We use video to educate, inform and tell stories. In this video the founder of CancerIS, Stephen Lemon MD, MPH, introduces the CancerIS network and talks about the mission of the organization.  The video gives a face […]

Good Causes

Fundraising Online and at events this video gets around. Music with images of Playgarden in full force provided for a powerful combination and a simple solution for getting the word out quickly and under budget. This video is Seattle Childrens Playgardens calling card. Screened at luncheon fundraisers and used online to gather interest, raise funds and simply […]

Product Placement

You in Action     When people can see you in action doing your work or your product in the real world performing as it should it will motivate them to learn more. Seeing is believing and that is just one of the many powers of video.

Classic Storytelling

The Art Filmmaking  "Sometimes a little fiction and metaphor can tell your story better then reality can."    A Scene from "The Furry" A short film created by us. Why?  Well we just love making movies in our spare time.  We're showcasing a scene here because it shows off some of our fancier production and editing […]

Educational Videos

Information Seekers     We do a series of videos for Oncology Associates called "Medical Minutes" most often these videos are narrated by Dr. Lemon and focus on various medical topics related to cancer treatment.  This Medical Minute on hairloss we found was best told by the practice's patient.  It is educational and empathetic and […]
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