Ways to market your web videos

Our Start

We started off as independent filmmakers making short live action films. We also produced educational, promotional and testimonials videos for small companies, municipalities and non-profits.

Internet Marketing

When streaming video became a reality we knew we could serve our clients much better by promoting and marketing their videos on the web.  So we decided to expand what we could do for folks and started to provide a variety of internet marketing services – so we could  make sure the videos we were making we being seen!

Internet Marketing

Some of the best ways to get your videos found and your business seen by your target audience are a professionally designed website that can be found by your potential customers, active and targeted social media, e-mail blasts and a branded Youtube channel.

Build Your Video Library

Discover what content your people want! Delivering information with video tends to get a great reception, when done right.  We continue to write, direct, shoot and edit video of all kinds. We work 1:1 with our clients to transform ideas into visual stories! We often create series of videos for one business to address multiple topics. It is important the look and feel of the video feels like it belongs to that business and that the information is useful and engaging.

Youtube Channel

Upload your videos to your branded Youtube channel where people looking for exactly what you provide can find you. While you are at it monetize your videos so you can start earning residual income. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine – A Great Way to Get Found

Sometimes,  your customers, clients or patients can teach your audience about something, you know, but from their unique perspective.  This is example of another way to share information while keeping your video library  diverse, interesting and effective.

Be Creative with Your Videos

There are so many ways to make videos!  One of the ways we make educational videos accessible to people looking to learn something new is to add graphics while an experts talk to illustrate the more complex points of a topic. With some pre planning your videos will be so helpful to others.


And of course sometimes your vision will include remaking a pop song and involve singing and choreography!