Social Media Got Me Found

I was Found on Social Media

My Mom

When mom was captured she was pregnant with me and my 5 siblings.  She was brought into custody with her big belly in tow, to a  “High Kill Shelter” in California.  Apparently, in California, they kill lots of dogs because people don’t fix us!

My litter – Not sure what happened at conception, but they look nothing like me. May be a ”This is Us Situation”. 

Fortunately,  Emerald City Pet Rescue, came all the way from Seattle to save us! We all piled in a van and took a road trip up to Seattle.  After a few weeks living with foster parents, to get us ready for the real world, we were brought to ECPR’s shelter where it was announced on Facebook that our family was finally up for adoption! You might think adoption came easy to us because we are so stinkin’ cute. The reality, though, for strays like us is adoption is super challenging!  Like, how can you be adopted if no one knows you are alive?  

The story goes that Mo and Julie foresaw a puppy  in their future so they decided to follow ECPR on Facebook to be updated on new arrivals to adopt.  One early morning, in August, Julie was scrolling through her facebook news feed & this happened…..

When Julie saw this post she exclaimed “Mo I want the short haired one!”  So ,they called the number & scheduled an appointment to meet with us, at the shelter, and from there it’s history. Best part of it,  all  5 us were adopted! If it wasn’t for ECPR’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, who knows, we could still be orphans. 

Need Help with Your Social Media?

We even announced our adoptions on Facebook so people could see us with our new families.

Social Media can help you get found too. Here are the 7 things that ECPR does with their social media that makes it so effective.

  • They engage with their followers by posting educational information for pet parents
  • Their posts often include a call to action to motivate their followers to spread the word about the rescue
  • They keep their audience’s attention by relaying interesting stories about their rescue animals
  • They provide updates of adopted pets because people love a happy ending
  • They have built a strong online following. Almost 110,000 likes and 105,000 follows
  • They display Facebook reviews/ 4.7 out of 5 stars!
  • They post pics of puppies and kitties!

We give, ECPR,  5 stars because they saved my life  and made it so I could not reproduce.  I am cool with that, by the way. Helping to create a world where no kitty or dog is homeless is a good world.

ECPR, also made sure I had all my shots. When I was hand delivered to my forever people the package included me, a 3 day supply of food, a harness, a collar, a leash, a plush poop emoji toy, an option to get health insurance at a great cost, and a lifetime 10% discount at ECPR’s  pet supply store. Oh and I almost forgot, a full medical exam before going home.  Turned out I needed a little surgery on my belly button before I could go home. They took care of that too, so my new parents wouldn’t have to worry.

AND most importantly they got me found.

Follow Emerald City Pet Rescue on Facebook and Instagram, to see all kinds of doggies and those other furry four legged beings they call kats. Even if you don’t think you need a pet, animals in the timeline is so better than politics in the timeline!